Soul Agenda

So now you ask, “Do I have a soul agenda?”

We, the Mountains of the World, would not use the word agenda.  Neither would we use the terms purpose, responsibility, or design.  These term all indicate there is a narrow expectation of self during any iteration…whether on the earth plane or any other plane.

The expectation of any iteration is simply to evolve, grow, develop, etc.

The overall process of evolution is, in a very general or macro sense, a well-defined process. 

Within this ‘well defined process,’ there are unlimited approaches to individual evolution. 

As a Soul you may have some idea of what you would like to experience…and as a soul, you will experience all that is possible.  That is your agenda!

We highly encourage you to disregard any conversations about agenda or purpose or intention or any other term that would indicate you, the Soul you, is on a specific path.

Your path…simply put…is experiencing to evolve.

You came to Evolve…you Evolve through Experiencing…

Enjoy the Experience!

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