Clearing Your Akashic Record

Finally,…We hope…We would like to address the Akashic Record, the Soul’s record of experiencing. 

We, the Mountains of the World, perceive that humanity compares their Akashic record with a report card.  And, therefore, find reasons why it may make sense to ‘clear’ your Akashic record.

First…your Akashic record is the record of your experiences as a Soul.

Second…there is no reason to ever clear away an experience.  Experiences, from the perspective of Soul, are only experiences…neither good nor bad!  The thinking of clearing an experience seems to be due to the belief that some are good, and some are not…the belief in duality. From a soul perspective, an experience is simply an experience.

Third…the Soul can always decide to relive an experience.  In fact, many of you have often relived experiences for many, many reasons.  Reliving an experience simply adds to the experiencing base.

With this shift of perspective in the benefit of experience, We highly recommend you save your time and earth energy and eliminate any considerations of clearing your Akashic Record!

We, the oh-so-patient Mountains of the World, are now complete in our discussion of the Soul you! 

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