Dual Location – Dual Living

Now that We are complete with discussions of the Soul You, We, the Mountains of the World, can proceed to discuss items of note.  Let Us begin with the concepts of Dual Location – Dual Living.

Dual Location is not Dual Living.

Dual Living is not Dual Location.

They are not parallel livings or events. 

Rather, from Our perspective, dual living is living in duality of self…a splitting of energies (not of Self).  Dual living is for those of you (the Soul segment) who is well advanced and able to combine experiences without being overwhelmed. For it is the expansiveness of the experience that often overwhelms the Soul in the experience. Dual living can occur at the same location and often does.  This creates an ability to meet yourself and engage yourself in a lifetime. 

This can create a psychosis of the physical self.  It does not create a psychosis of the Soul self.  This is a psychosis which is often reconciled and therefore, from a human perspective, ‘overcome’.  This is a psychosis which no drug can alleviate.  Connection to Self is the optimum experiencing/learning from this psychosis.

And the phrase…’meeting myself coming and going’…is an example of a Soul recognizing (at the Soul level) themselves.  The phrase has since been utilized to mean many other things. 

If you find yourself meeting you…enjoy!  It is an advanced Soul experiencing.

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