Dual Location

Now that you have an understanding of Dual Living, let Us, the Mountains of the World, address the concept of Dual Location.

Dual location lifetimes are selected by advanced Souls who have enough ‘substance of Soul’ to be able to actually split their ‘Soul essence’ between two very different locations and therefore experience very different experiences. 

Souls evolve via a wide variety of locations, ranging from every star system known to Earth humans to locations unknown to Earth humans.  The variety and diversity of experiences on the different locations are more vast than the stars of the known galaxies. 

We most often recognize a soul experiencing dual locations by their ability to not be impacted by the events of the plane(s) they are living upon.  It is the calm which typically allows Us to identify those souls advanced enough to ‘sign up for’ a dual location experience. 

And, even when the Soul is advanced enough, the physical body may not have the required ‘wiring’ to support the expanse of the dual locations selected.  This living is not for the faint of heart or the less experienced soul.  Rather, dual living is for the very advanced soul..typically the very advanced Hybrid soul.

We address Dual Location and Dual Living as many of you may well be considering such in your next soul iterations.  Be very careful when you do such…listen to your knowing…and tread lightly on what can be an exhilarating and devastating human experiencing.

Dual Location and Dual Living engage the different Planes of Existence…We shall address those next.

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