Planes of Existence

You perceive living as a ‘flat plane experience’.  In fact, there are many different planes of experience on each of the locations a soul may select for an experiencing. 

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to address these different Planes of Existence as they are becoming more and more obvious for those of you currently in the Earth experiencing. 

This is not the first time the different planes of existence have been obvious.  We bring this to your awareness as history has reflected the differences without an awareness of what is being reflected.

There have always been different planes of existence on any of the major soul experiencing locations (Earth is a soul experiencing location). The different planes allow for one or more souls to experience an event and, based upon the plane of existence from which the soul is experiencing the scenario, the experience differs.

At some points in what you call history, the planes of existence separate to the point that it is difficult for humans on the different planes to be able to conceive what the other human is experiencing.  Notice, we say humans.  At a soul level you all understand perfectly.

So, there are ‘planes of experience’.

Currently the ‘planes of experience’ are further apart then is typical.

We recommend you let this information settle a bit.  We will delve further into the ‘planes of existence’…but first, a break to allow in the concept.

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