Planes of Existence Part II

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to continue with the topic of the planes of existence and the current scenario of such on the Earth plane…

When the planes of existence are at the degree of separation currently occurring on the earth plane, the lower frequency responses (anger, bullying, killing, suicide) become more the norm than is ever intended.  This is the reaction of humans to the fear of the differences.  This fear is often internally experienced as feeling less than without an understanding of why.

An explanation…if one individual is experiencing a parade from a front row seat  and another from a long distance away, the individual experiencing the same parade from a long distance becomes very frustrated that they are not having the same experience as the individual experiencing the parade from the front row seat.  The individual far away becomes angry and lashes out at the other individual. 

Although this is not an intended outcome, it has occurred many times in history…several in the history many of you know. 

An example of the planes of existence being significantly separated is what occurred in the experience you know as World War II.  Hitler and Mussolini and their true followers were on one plane of existence while Churchill and Roosevelt and their true followers were on a very different plane of existence…the two being very separate.

We, the Mountains of the World, are not predicting an upcoming apocalypse. Rather, we are explaining the current situation and providing an example of such.

As you now understand this concept, We encourage you to begin to understand the impact of this degree of separation.

Consider the concept; understand the impact; and be prepared to accept your role in the shift!

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