Affecting the Cosmic Winds of Change

With the information We, the Mountains of the World, have provided you regarding:

  • The Planes of Existence;
  • Experiences resulting from the different Planes of Existence;
  • The impact of the current degree of separation of the Planes of Existence;
  • The Cosmic Winds of Change;
  • And the fact that you have a role in affecting the impact of the Cosmic Winds of Change…

It is now time to share with you, from Our perspective, how to best achieve positive outcomes utilizing the power of the Cosmic Winds of Change.

You are currently experiencing a time of great division.  This is due, in large part, to the degree of separation of the Planes of Existence.  The Cosmic Winds of Change can further this separation or diminish this separation. 

If you desire less division, less stress, less violence, and less demeaning behavior on the part of all beings, We highly advise diminishing the degree of separation.

You, an aware and awake Hybrid, can easily create this impact. 

  • You create such by simply focusing on your passion…whatever that might be.
  • Release fear and worry…Instead engage in your passion.
  • Be passionate about your passion…whatever it might be. 
    • Be Enthusiastic!
    • Be Energetic!
    • Be Enspired (Inspired)!

It does not matter what your passion is…woodworking, puzzles, singing, dancing, quilting, connecting, photography, cooking, hiking, race cars, building models, reading tarot, etc., etc., etc.

Simply Engage…Enthusiastically, Energetically.  Be Passionate.

The Cosmic Winds of Change will be lifted by your enthusiasm, your passion, your delight and will bring about a narrowing of the separation.

See…Earth life can be fun as an Aware and Awake Hybrid.

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