Communicating with the Unconscious

There are many changes occurring as the frequency shift moves along.  Each change impacts at least one segment of the Earth population…whether Human, Hybrid or Luman.  Some of the changes impact all of the segments of the Earth Population.

The change currently occurring is affecting how the non-physical Lumans (Illuminated Beings – whether you consider them Aliens, Angels, Cosmic Beings, or simply Light) are communicating with the Hybrids and Lumans in physical form.

You may well have noticed a shift in the intensity of ‘intuitive’ communication;

You may well have noticed a need to act without even being consciously aware that any action is necessary;

You may well have noticed how others do not seem to be affected in the same way you are being affected and wonder if you are ‘losing it’;

And you may well have noticed a calm coming over you when the intuitive communications appear in your consciousness.  This calm is your inner knowing as it is now more intrinsically connected with The Divine/The All.

Our reason for bringing this to your attention is to encourage you to grow the communication links within your unconscious and the communication links within yourself between your unconscious and conscious. 

We recommend you do this….

By honoring your intrinsic knowing;

By acting on this knowing even when that action flies in the face of ‘normal’;

By trusting the calm as it permeates your being when you have listened and acted in integrity!

Honor – Act – Relax!

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