Dreams and Their Intentions

One of the avenues the non-physical Lumen have to access your unconscious is through your sleep time – sometimes in dreams; sometimes with knowings; sometimes with a call to action.  These scenarios are likely to increase in frequency over the next many months as the frequency shift continues. 

What to do?

We, the Mountains of the World, often hear you speak of your dreams.  Speaking of your dreams is the first step…the second, and more important step in Our opinion, is understanding their intention or intentions.

When you dream, consider it a communication portal for the non-physical beings in alignment with The Divine/The All.  This is especially true when your dream or ‘night knowing’ is…




And brings the sense of calm.

We mention this as your unconscious is a portal that many beings are able to access if you allow or are not picky about who joins you during your sleep time!

If your dreams are dark, scary, terror filled…please know that they are not from The Divine/The All.  Rather they are a lower frequency attempting to block you from your own frequency shift/growth and therefore the frequency shift of Planet Earth. 

We encourage you to welcome dreams while being picky who you actually allow to impact your unconscious!

Dream away!!!

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