Inviting the Elders

The time has come to invite the Elders into your living.

For the High Hybrids and Lumen among you this is a near necessity (as near as anything can be in a self-directed growth experience). 

For those among you who have a lower level of Luman Soul DNA or who have not yet grown your evolution level to the Master or PHD level, you are in choice and it is highly recommended.

For those of you who are advanced Humans with no Luman Soul DNA, the choice is totally yours and making the choice to invite in the Elders will serve you well.

And, you ask, what do We, the Mountains of the World, mean by the Elders?

The Elders are the most advanced Beings in the Universe.  They include the souls of Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ, Mohamed, Buddha, and many others who have walked the Earth in human form and those who have not and yet impart great energy and knowledge to those on the Earth plane.  The largest group among these are the Chinese Elders.

Inviting the Elders to impact your thinking, knowings and actions is very easy and, at the same time, creates an expectation that you will take ‘right actions’ in accordance with your Soul Knowing and Their Wisdom.

Consider whether you are ready to listen to the Wisdom of the Elders;

Consider whether you are ready to acknowledge your own Soul Knowing;

When you feel ready, simply invite in the Elders as you would a friend…

And expect the unexpected!

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