The Spiritual Path

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to address the concept of ‘The Spiritual Path’.

As We perceive this ‘path’, it often involves less than ‘right thought’ or ‘right action’.  It often involves following the information discerned by another Soul on the path.  This Soul may be very aware and awake.  And, none-the-less, the information has been coming through their ‘earth filters’ not directly from The Divine/The All.

Thus, as well intended as the Soul may be, they have received and interpreted the information for them…and often, only them.  Then, with a broad brush, they share that the information is important for everyone’s spiritual development. And, due to the Human need for hierarchy, structure and rules and rituals were developed.  And you know the rests.

The result of these actions is the many following a spiritual path for the few.

And, through this process, diminishing the growth of the many and aggrandizing the one or two!

This is NOT the Spiritual Path of which We speak!

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