The Spiritual Path Part II

The Spiritual Path We, the Mountains of the World, is the path developed specifically for You, the Soul, and, most likely the Hybrid Soul.  This is a path created in the ethers by your Soul support Team.  This Team is made up of many very advanced and enlightened Souls…some of whom have been to the Earth plane. Many of whom have not!

This is your Spiritual Path…We highly encourage you to follow your own path without inflicting it on any other Soul you may encounter along the way. 


We are not averse to a little ritual as it serves the human need for community;

We are not averse to sharing insights and awareness’s;

We are not averse to joining another along their spiritual path when your two or twenty paths are close together and/or crossing;

We are averse to Souls taking the easy way out; not developing their own knowing; directing others when they think they ‘know’ for everyone and their ego blooms (a downward frequency shift) and to what could be ‘aware and awake Hybrids’ becoming ‘sheep’ instead.

Oh my, We do have an opinion on that!

Again, We recommend…

Develop your listening frequency;

Honoring your intrinsic knowing;

Act on this knowing even when that action flies in the face of ‘normal’;

Trust the calm as it permeates your being when you have listened and acted in integrity!

Sharing is your choose, with the clear understanding that each Soul has it’s own path and growth!

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