Lumen are Not Linear

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to say a few additional things about Lumen as many of you are beginning to accept your Luman heritage and Soul DNA.

One of the biggest earth experiencing differences for Lumans is that they do not experience life on earth as linear.

Humans live in a time-space continuum.  That, by Our definition, is linear!

Lumen do not live by this continuum.  Which infers for many of you that, as you accept your Luman heritage you also begin to experience life on earth differently.  The earth plane, at least for you, no longer operates by the old paradigms. 

In fact, the new paradigm is most disconcerting…as it does not have;

  • the typical cause and effect scenario;
  • the accustomed action/reaction process;
  • the planning process you are most accustomed to;
  • or the traditional physical action to create an outcome!

You have begun to notice that the new paradigm often includes:

  • outcomes occurring before you take action to put them into motion;
  • thoughts becoming things…simply thinking can create an action and outcome;
  • and the need to shore up the physical after an event has already taken place due to the fact that such did not occur before the event happened…and you do have some physical beings to consider!

We are sharing this, so you don’t become too overwhelmed by the changes occurring in your physical life.  Some of you are very good at ‘freaking out’…it is not necessary.

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