Limited or Unlimited…That is the Question

So, now We, the Mountains of the World, have shared with you…

  • a reframe on the concept of your spiritual path;
  • the awareness that, as a location for a soul iteration, the earth plane is one of the most dynamic;
  • the Lumen do not need to live life on the earth plane in a linear manner;
  • which infers, as you begin to accept more of your Luman heritage…you will begin to experience life events and processes from a non-linear perspective.

All this leads Us to the primary question your Soul and The Divine/The All have wanted to ask…

Will you accept your unlimited potential?

Or will you continue to be fearful of that/your potential and choose a limited soul experiencing?

Your decision impacts not only your own soul evolution…it also impacts the ease of the frequency shift on Gaia…Mother Earth.

Please consider carefully.

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