The Expansiveness of Your Soul

We hear you ask…

  • How can I possibly be all You have said I am?
  • How am I to live into the potential You say I have?
  • How have I been prepared for this new paradigm on Earth?

And…last but not least…

  • Why Me????????

And We, the Mountains of the Earth, on behalf of all beings and The Divine/The All tell you that you are an utterly expansive being…a Soul with Unlimited Potential and Possibilities so expansive it is scaring you!

And it is for this reason that you choose to be on the Earth plane at this time as you (in your Soul knowing) knew you could create a very positive impact on the transition currently underway.

You know, in the essence of your Soul, that you are unlimited…that you have incredible untapped potential…and that you are a being of light and imposing frequency.

It is the you who has lived on earth and in the limiting human paradigm

  • who asks all of these questions;
  • who wails at night that you are not capable;
  • who seeks to return to a limited living and life perspective.

We have great faith in your resilience of spirit, the depth of your soul knowing, and the frustration you will experience if you do return to a more human existence!

You are in Choice…We have Faith in You!

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