Perspective – Seeing Beyond Your Expectations

We, the Mountains of the World, continue to find you, or rather, those of you who play as Humans, most interesting.  When We perceive you can have an incredible unlimited life, you, when you play Human, limit your perspective. 

You limit your life…your possibilities…your soul’s evolution.

Silly You!

Further, you don’t seem to even realize you are doing such.  You do not seem to be upset by the limitations you have placed upon yourself!  What can be more incredibly silly that that!!!

We ask you to see beyond your expectations.  Your expectations are set from your years of playing human.  Shift to a more ‘Luman perspective’ and your world and life will open up as if by magic.

Live Luman!  Make that your mantra and your passion.

Live Human….and you limit your possibilities.

The choice is yours.

And, once again, We have faith in you.

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