Lumen Living Non-Linear Lives

We, the Mountains of the World, have shared with you that can Lumen live non-linear lives. This means, to reiterate, that they do not live in what most humans would consider a cause-effect life.

In fact, many times a Luman will appear to be almost magical if not absolutely magical. This is due to the fact that the humans experiencing the life of the Luman do not see the cause-effect efforts they understand as necessary for creation and manifestation.

Lumen (and High Hybrids) are very capable of simply manifesting…

  • without all of the thinking (thoughts become things);
  • the doing (cause and effect living);
  • or the pain (no pain…no gain). 

Lumen understand how humans perceive what a Luman can live naturally. 

This has, over the eons, created a great divide between Humans and Lumans. 

This divide is often known as the separation between science and faith. 

Due to the fact that a ‘coming together’ is important at this time in Earth history, The Divine/The All is designing a collaboration pathway between science and faith…and many new discoveries are made in the various area of what you call ‘physics’.

Consider what is being brought forth so humanity can ‘explain away’ what does not fit their cause-effect paradigms! 

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