Non-Linear Living and Magic!

Lumen and High Hybrids live non-linear lives, when they accept who they are and step into the possibilities of their beingness!

Non-linear appears to most humans as ‘magic’!

Magic is often feared with detrimental outcomes!

So, you ask, how does a Luman or High Hybrid live the possibilities of their beingness while staying safe from the fear of humans?

We, the Mountains of the World, are happy to assist in the explanation!

It is very simple…very intentional…and very important.

Whenever you, living on the earth plane as a Luman or High Hybrid find yourself manifesting outside the ‘laws of cause and effect’…simply create the perception of cause and effect.  Simply explain to those who are challenging your manifestation process all that you did to create such.

The Divine/The All has created the groundwork for your ease…use it!

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