Tools for the Magic of Non-Linear Living

As We, the Mountains of the World, shared earlier, The Divine/The All has, in its wisdom, created tools for you to use to optimize the potential of your beingness while living among humans.

The simplest of the tools were created in the ‘spiritual community’.  They include:

  • Using terms like…thoughts become things;
  • Referencing the law of attraction;
  • And a wide array of other spirit-based explanation currently being (incorrectly) used in the spiritual community to explain how to manifest. 

They are using these terms without truly understanding their power or the process.

 Why?  So you can use those same terms and humans will be familiar with them!

The Divine/The All does not establish a shift in a master plan without a transition process. 

The transition process is in place…use the terms/laws/and other spiritual beliefs to calm any fear in humans…and manifest away without all of the time delay of cause and effect creating. 

Simply create…as if by magic!

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