Stress Responses – Humans, Hybrids & Lumen

We, the Mountains of the World, have been cogitating how to share information about the differences in responses to stress as experienced by Humans, Hybrids and Lumen. 

As We have watched various soul groups on the earth plane deal with the current virus crisis, We have noted that many Hybrids and even a few Luman do not understand their natural responses and are attempting to override their natural responses so they respond like humans.

Please don’t override your natural responses.  They are your natural responses because they support your knowing…your deeper nature.


In general, Humans tend to respond to the type of crisis currently being experienced on the earth plane with a fear response.  The greater the crisis, the greater the fear response. Sometimes a fear response can actually look like an anti-fear response.  We see that in the younger humans on the earth plane. 

This fear response includes, to one degree or another, an inability to absorb the facts. Typically, the Human can only absorb the energy of the situations. 

If the energy they are encountering is fear, that is all they are able to integrate into their knowing.  No amount of shared wisdom will affect these beings.  They are simply afraid and act accordingly.

Rational thought is truly ‘out the window’ as you say. 

Fear is all they are able to perceive.  That is the response of Humans currently occurring on the earth plane!

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