Stress Responses – Humans, Hybrids & Lumen (Part 2)

In times of stress, Hybrids typically have a less dramatic and better thought out response.

Hybrids continue to think (something We, the Mountains of the World, often see Humans forget to do) and to analyze.  Hybrids, depending upon their proclivity for risk taking, may actually look to be dare devils to Humans…because some Hybrids may decide to become a part of the solution even without the requisite skills and requirements.

It is the Hybrids for whom We are primarily writing this post!

Many of you have considered stepping forward, into the breach, committing to be engaged in the solution even if it puts you in a more vulnerable position.  The thought is your natural knowing at work and We and the Universe applaud your thinking.

Before you move to action, you typically share your thinking with a Human expecting them to understand and support you in your new initiative.

  • Only to have them talk you out of it. 
  • Only to have them show you the folly of your thinking.
  • Only to drag you back to their safe place to wait out the situation…letting someone else take care of others.

If you have allowed this to happen, We highly encourage you to honor your knowing; take command of your actions; and step forward as you are guided…by your Hybrid self.

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