Stress Responses – Humans, Hybrids & Lumen (Part 3)

In times of stress, a Luman soul is at its best.  Times of stress are when the Luman is most impactful and engaged. 

Living on the earth plane can be a bit tiresome to a Luman soul.  There is very little opportunity in most earth lifetimes for a Luman soul to really ‘shine’. 

Crisis, by its core definition, is a time for a Luman or High Hybrid (defined as having primarily Luman soul DNA) to dance into the fire; revel in the possibilities; and bring to life the experiences of expansion and collaboration.

We, the Mountains of the World, do love to watch an aware and awake Luman in a Human body during a time of significant crisis! 

We see many of you stepping forth, albeit a bit tentatively, taking your positions, potentially as leader, problem solver, activist for change or crisis manager!

We see you gently yet persistently changing the energy of every situation you engage, adjusting the fear factor within the energy of the space to a level more conducive to rational thought and quality decisions!

We honor you!  You are the changemakers on the earth plane at this time!

Thank you

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