Your Role in This Crisis

We, the Mountains of the World, have heard your requests (some very whinny) to understand your role; to have Us tell you what you are to do!

You have chosen a free-will location within the Universe for this experiencing iteration!

Further, you, as a soul, chose this location at this time to expressly live this experience!

You as a soul also requested the aspect of Luman DNA for your soul and therefore for your experience!

Given the fact that it is a very high likelihood you carry some Luman DNA in your soul (or you would most likely not be drawn to engage this information), We highly encourage you to follow your inner knowing…your inner essence…and move forward in an experience that brings to life the real you.

If you choose to cower in fear, We honor your choice.  Only you can determine what is best for you.  That said, We also know you will be much harder on yourself in hindsight than We ever could be.  It is simply not in our nature.

Our best advice to you is to honor both your knowing; follow the guidance you are providing you (rather than the guidance from others); and move forward.  Any other action will leave you very unfulfilled.

We thank each and every one of your for whatever action you take.  Even the simple act of not feeding the fear is an action.  We are not recommending you place yourself in the ‘line of fire’ unless you feel decidedly called upon to do so. 

Simple Acts of Kindness are Powerful during times of Stress!

Amazing Acts of Bravery are Powerful during times of Stress!

While doing either, do not expect others to do the same…this is your experience with crisis!

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