Pandemic from Our Perspective

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to share Our perspective on the current pandemic you are all experiencing.

From Our perspective, a pandemic is a time to reduce the stress on Gaia, Mother Earth.  This is the first pandemic in which there are enough Lumen and High Hybrids to begin to notice the impact on Gaia.  The photos from outer space showing significant reduction in atmospheric pollution are delightful…from Our perspective.  We thank those Lumen who are bringing this impact to the awareness of the earth’s population.

A pandemic is a time of shift.  We heard and watched you engage in conversation around the 2012 shift…this pandemic is a part of that shift.

                Recent frequency changes We have discussed is part of that shift;

                Awakening Hybrids is part of that shift;

                And this pandemic is part of that shift.

What We would like to share with those of you who continue to create a physical experience after the pandemic is that, although from your perspective, the transition may be difficult, the outcome will be beneficial to all of humanity in the years to come.

We ask you to consider this perspective as you live yours.  We thought it worth sharing.

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