Human Perspective during a Pandemic

We, the Mountains of the World, believe it is important to understand how to discern who is providing information.  With the awareness of the perspective level of the speaker, you can discern the degree of valuable information that is being shared.

Note – the information We are presenting here is general in nature and there can be exceptions.  We perceive you will be able to discern the exceptions.

The vast majority of the Earth plane is currently inhabited by Humans.  This is natural as the Earth plane is often selected as a location for a dynamic iteration.  Also, there are vast number of young souls (from an evolutionary perspective) on the Earth plane at this time in history.

You can identify a Human during a pandemic by:

  • the narrowness of their perspective;
  • their focus on fear and limitation;
  • their very linear thinking…and if/then processing;
  • and their herd mentality…even if the herd they are following are mavericks.

News reports are primarily for Humans…restrictions are a human response for safety (a good idea for Humans) …and a tendency to grasp at any possible data point indicating the pandemic is receding and life will soon return to normal.

The degree of passion for each of these scenarios is an indication of how evolved the human’s soul is.  Really young souls tend to be the mavericks or those who simply cannot grasp the enormity of the situation.

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