Luman Perspective during a Pandemic

The most dramatic comparison with the Human perspective is the Luman perspective. 

We, the Mountains of the World, remind you that there is currently a low percentage of aware and awake Lumen on the Earth plane at this time.  This will be changing. 

In comparison to the limited and fearful Human perspective, a Luman understands a pandemic from a much larger perspective.  Their perspective is sensitive to the plight and fear of Humans and is also sensitive to Gaia’s needs and the benefit of future generations. 

During a pandemic, aware and awake Lumen are typically at their best.  It is an opportunity to be the change maker they are most adept at being.  Lumen recognize a pandemic situation as one in which positive change can be made. 

Lumen perceive the situation from a very different view than Humans.  If a Human view is ‘ground zero’ a Luman view is’10,000 feet’.  Viewing the situation from this more remote perspective allows them to be sensitive and yet not so directly impacted…and this is true no matter what actual experiences they are having. 

A Human and a Luman can have the same physical experience and have an entirely different perspective and therefore understanding of the experience.  That is to say, Lumen are not except from the pain…they simply understand it differently.

The best way to identify a Luman is to find the places were positive change is being created within the framework of the pandemic and the Human concerns about the pandemic.

We, the Mountains of the World, recommend you keep an eye out for the quiet yet effective Luman!

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