Hybrid Perspective during a Pandemic

As you have probably discerned, a Hybrid perspective lies between the Human and the Luman perspective.  The percentage of Luman Soul DNA in the Hybrid determines the greater alignment with either Human or Luman.  

For this ‘middle’ perspective, the Hybrid must be aware and awake. If they are not, they will simply appear Human with their greatest fear being that of not understanding themselves.  They will be triggered by both the Human perspective and their Hybrid soul perspective.  Those Hybrid who are not aware and awake will be the most erratic beings on the Earth plane during a pandemic…first scared and then calm without knowing why!

Aware and awake Hybrids, especially those who have a preponderance of Luman Soul DNA, are individuals who can most relate to the human fears and concerns while staying a bit distanced in their own experiencing.

  • These are the individuals who are the bridge between the change makers and the Human society;
  • These are the individuals who Humans are most attracted to and whom Lumen see as their partners in the shift;
  • These individuals are the pied pipers of Humanity!

If you, an aware and awake Hybrid, find humans attracted to your energy during a time such as the one being experience on the Earth plan, know that your opportunity (not job) is to be the pied piper and trust your knowing.

We, the Mountains of the World, are here to support you in what may be a very different role than you are accustomed to experiencing. 

We salute your courage and your bridging expertise!

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