Positive Aspects of Fear

During the current situation, We, the Mountains of the World, thought it important to address the benefits and drawbacks to fear…any kind of fear.

As We experience the energies created by humanity during the time of this pandemic, it is very reminiscent of the energies of previous pandemics…full of fear.  The difference with this energy is that it is more orchestrated…more insidious…more directed.

It is for this reason We want to remind all aware and awake Hybrids and walking Lumen of the impact of fear.

From a positive perspective, Fear is:

  • A mobilizing energy;
  • An energy creating focus and direction;
  • And thus, an energy of change.

Fear has the ability to assist Human and Hybrids in accomplishing great things.  Some of the greatest shifts for mankind have occurred due to the energy, especially the mobilizing force of Fear.

Fear can also demobilize and destruct!

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