Negative Aspects of Fear

We, the Mountains of the World, felt it important to remind you of the positive aspects of fear. We also believe it critical you become aware of additional aspects of Fear! i

From a negative perspective, Fear is:

  • An energy that freezes humans and results in non-action;
  • A limiting energy which can create easy mass manipulation;
  • An energy of confusion and panic;
  • An energy capable of creating incomplete or misdirected thinking.

From Our perspective, the Fear being orchestrated is beyond the level appropriate for this ‘pandemic’. The continual conflict of information and misdirection of data is such that the negative aspects of Fear are more pronounced.

It is for this reason We wanted to share Our perspective,

We request you access information provided by the Humans ‘in charge’ from a broad perspective and the awareness of the degree of orchestration and misdirection.

It is appropriate to be concerned at this time in history.  You are each in a physical body and therefore potentially impacted. 

It is inappropriate to be consumed by fear and therefore easily manipulated.

A reminder to Hybrids…Acknowledge Your Knowing!

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