A New Frequency Paradigm

If it were up to Us, the Mountains of the World, We would not be sharing the next few pieces of information We have been asked to share.  That said, We will follow the request of the All and the new Senior Team who are in the process of joining the earth plane and share a bit about the new frequency paradigm.

First, there is a new Senior Team that has come into the Earth energy and is impacting it.  The major impact, what We have called the frequency shift, is not from Their energy…and Their energy supports and hold it.  Which is why They have arrived.

Second, the new Senior Team has a different agenda than the prior Senior Team.  The prior Senior Team was in relationship with the Earth plane for the past several thousand years.  Their agenda has been completed and They are moving on to Their next destination. 

Several of you are quite comfortable with the ‘Old Senior Team’; perceive you know Them and Their strengths and attributes.  The ‘New Senior Team’ is quite different and come with the expectation of awareness and understanding.  This is why We were asked to communicate with aware and awake Hybrids, hopefully awakening more as We did so!

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