Aspects of the Senior Team Change

This shift or transition of the Senior Teams can be quite disruptive; typically occurs during a time of unrest on the plane the shift is occurring (the Earth plane being an example of a ‘plane’); is necessary for the continuing of the plane/location it is occurring on; was scripted long before what you call the ‘Big Bang’; has occurred on Earth many times; and is in process.

We, the Mountains of the World, notice that as this is occurring, and for those of you have become consciously connected with the current Senior Team, you are experiencing a wide array of emotions.  These emotions can range from joy and exaltation followed immediately by sadness and a sense of deep loss.

Many of you have assumed this emotional roller coaster is due to the events you are aware of on the Earth plane.   We ask you to reconsider and shift your inference of these emotions to the impact of:

  • Your knowing of the positive aspects of the new Senior Team
  • And your sadness to see the old Senior Team leaving.

As you begin to reframe your recent experiences, We recommend you begin to assimilate all that We have just shared:

  • The Senior Team you have known for eons is leaving…their agenda complete;
  • A New Senior Team is in the process of joining the energies of the Earth plane;
  • The New Senior Team has a different agenda;
  • All of this is occurring during a disruptive time on the Earth plane (you call it the pandemic).

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