Comparison of Senior Teams

To use an earth analogy, when one is in high school, one learns from a high school teacher.  When one enters college, one no longer learns from a high school teacher, no matter how good they are, one now learns from a professor.

When one is learning to dive from a diving board, it is not recommended that the first dive be from a board 20 feet above the water; rather, it is recommended that the first few dives be from the side of the pool.

We, the Mountains of the World, offer these analogies to provide you just a bit of understanding of the differences, as We perceive them, between the ‘Old Senior Team’ and the ‘New Senior Team’. 

Using the first two analogies, in both of the scenarios We outlined, the part of the scenario came with not only a different instructor or approach, it also came with more responsibility for the ‘student’. 

This means You, the Hybrid and Walking Luman, will no longer have the luxury of simply ‘playing stupid…staying asleep…or belligerently following your human path’!

For those of you who, at a soul level, agreed to be a part of the frequency transition and support the New Senior Team in the efforts necessary to create the shift…you will be expected (through clear direction, support, and encouragement) to be the Hybrid you have the Luman Soul DNA to be. 

This New Senior Team is much less forgiving then the previous Senior Team.  They have a significant objective and know it.  They are coming in with ‘guns loaded’ and ‘high energy’. 

We have been asked to share this information with all of you – both those aware and awake and those of you who seem to believe you can stay safely asleep. The new Senior Team is what is necessary for the new frequency paradigm to occur on the Earth plane.

Given this, We highly recommend you ‘buckle up’!

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