Comparison of Senior Teams

We all have the opportunity to stretch to our fuller selves and meet the calling of this new frequency.  For many of Us, this will appear and become a significant challenge.  At a Soul level, you are ready for this challenge.  The only true question that remains is whether the conscious has accepted who you are at a Soul level.

We, the Mountains of the World, are with you in this stretch.  In previous of Our iterations, we have interacted with this New Senior Team. 

                They are dynamic, devoted, and engaged.

                They have also been described as intolerant and impatient.

The new Senior Team members, each in their own way, understand the shift you, as a soul in a physical consciousness, necessarily need to make to align to the new agenda (more on that later). 

As with the departing Senior Team, each member has their unique strengths and attributes…their role in the new agenda.  Some are more patient and tolerant while others are less so; some are more magnetic and charismatic while others are less so; some are more accomplished at inhabiting earth bodies while others find such a task unnecessary.

As We share additional information, We and The All/The Divine ask you to determine whether you want to be on the Team or off the Team. 

                There is no in between!

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