The Senior Team Transition

So, you ask, why is it necessary for a new Senior Team to come to the Earth plane at this time.

The answer is simple…this is a time of great transition.  It was the responsibility of the previous Senior Team to bring the Earth plane and those of you who choose to be aware and awake to this moment in time.  The new Senior Team will take you (and Us, the Mountains of the World) and the Earth plane to a next evolutionary paradigm. 

As an overly simplistic example, consider the Senior Team as members of a ‘relay team’ in what you know as a track and field event.  This is the moment when the ‘baton’ is being transferred from one Senior Team to the next.  The only difference in this relay event is that there is no finish line in the future.   This is the evolutionary process.

Your questions:

  • Do the Senior Teams know each other – As essences, yes.
  • Do the Senior Teams respect each other – In an evolutionary manner, yes.
  • Have the Senior Teams ‘compared notes’ about each of you – At a Soul level, yes.
  • Have your previous actions and non-actions been regarded – Definitely so! It is this ‘regarding’ that has created your emotional responses these past several weeks and for some, months. 

You have asked; We have answered; now let’s consider the new agenda.

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