The New Agenda

We, the Mountains of the World, have shared, on many occasions, information of the impending frequency shift. 

We have mentioned:

  • that such a shift is a very, very complex process;
  • that the process will be perceived very differently by the beings (many of them humans) who are impacted by the shift;
  • that the Earth experience as those beings (Human, Hybrid and Luman) will be very different, no matter their perspective;
  • that for some, it will herald the end of the world…and they are correct;
  • that the complexity is a result of the degree of the shift…of all things related to the Earth experience!

Imagine all the you experience and the ‘rules’ you have created around;

  • perspective of distance;
  • perspectives of time;
  • perspectives of inequalities and equalities;
  • perspectives of energy (flow, alignment, creation, de-creation)
  • perspectives of climate;
  • perspective of hierarchy – the relationship between the human as well as the human species and all other species;
  • perspectives of the role of Gaia and the human relationship to Gaia;
  • just to name a few!

All of these perspectives, at one time in this frequency transition, will be shifted!  The transition has already begun with some of the ‘lesser’ shifts and you are experiencing the drama created by such.  And there is more…

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