The New Agenda Continued

If you think you there cannot be any more…just wait!

Continue to image the ‘rules’ humanity has created around:

  • Interactions with what you call Aliens and We, the Mountains of the World, call Visitors to the Earth plane;
  • Interactions with what humanity has defined as innate and We know to be very animated and impactive;
  • Interactions with and reliance on linear processing, space – time continuum – cause and effect living…which We and the vast majority of other beings in the Universe know to be limiting and ineffective.
  • Interactions beyond the Earth plane…only to find out even the smartest of Humans is no match for the beings on many of the locations beyond the Earth plane;
  • And more…

Consider the shock to Humans on the Earth plane when these interactions change the beliefs and ‘truths’ so many hold on to in an effort to make their Earth experience feel safe! 

We don’t know about you…but it is Our opinion that when most Humans are confronted with what they do not want to believe, that the need to return to the normal is often weaponized!  Shifts of this magnitude create fear and the primary fear response for Humans, no matter their level of development, is a defense response…known as fight or flight.

Before We move on, it is important for you, an aware and awake Hybrid or Walking Luman, that these shifts will occur gradually and in a predetermined process.  This is not the first time a shift of this has occurred on the Earth plane nor will it be the last.  You will not wake up one day to a whole new world. 

That said, with the information provided, you can begin to envision this new frequency.  Your envisioning also supports the transition.  In fact, the more you envision the changes with the knowing of a positive outcome, the easier the transition will be…on Us all.

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