An Outcome of the New Agenda

Before We, the Mountains of the World, spend a bit more time on the various shifts and changes, We thought it valuable to provide a world view of the intended outcome of this shift. 

Please note, the outcome We are sharing is the intended outcome.  It is not the assured outcome.  If what We are about to share is assured, you would not be being asked to become involved as Aware and Awake Hybrids or as Walking Luman!

The intended outcome is what some of you may call nirvana.  The intended outcome creates:

  • Balance of all beings – with Humans being aware they do not and never did have ‘dominion’ over!
  • Balance of all aspects of creation – with the different perspectives being in balance…not necessarily in harmony.  We are not predicting a world without differences…rather one in balance. 
    • Differences have a very distinct role to play in the evolutionary process.  Without them, there would be no evolution.  Differences in this scenario are very similar to the effects of gravity.  Without gravity, the muscles of the body would not be developed. Without differences, the soul’s evolution would not develop.
  • Balance and blending of all frequencies – imagine the most beautiful and sometimes discordant musical creation.  This balance and blending create the beauty with both harmony and discord.

Imaging balance in all things.  Just Imaging.

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