Balance and Equality

You may have wondered if, in the new frequency (after the frequency transition) the word balance and equality are the same…if they are being used similarly.

We, the Mountains of the World, wish to share with you that the answer is ‘no’.  In this discussion, balance and equality are very different. Balance is a macro concept. 

  • Balanced Energy
  • Balanced Progress
  • Balanced Perspectives
  • Balanced Resources

While Equality is much more of a micro concept and one that does not allow the room for the soul to experience.  If everyone and their experiences were equal, the process of soul growth would be very slow indeed.  The process of soul growth would entail only one area of growth in a soul iteration (you know as lifetime).  As a point of reference, currently each Soul on the Earth plane has an agenda with over 100 soul expansion (or growth) possibilities.  Can you even begin to imaging the impatience you would be feeling at your Soul level if there was only one growth possibility for each iteration?! ?!

If anything, the degrees of difference will be even greater at the micro level while the macro level will be in balance.  With the macro level being in balance, the micro difference level is not nearly as impactive to the experience of all on the Earth plane.  In the current situation you are living, both the macro and the micro are in extreme out-of-balance scenarios. 

And please note, without these significant out-of-balance scenarios occurring, the desire/appetite/willingness to change to the new frequency and align with the New Senior Team would not be possible.

All is in preparation!

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