Additional Elements of the Intended Outcome

With all of this said, it is important to discuss a few additional elements of the intended outcome.  We, the Mountains of the World, are happy to share these outcomes as We believe they will speak to you who are aware and awake.

  1. Balance in the number of beings – human and animal – on the Earth plane;
  2. Balance in the understanding of the souls living beyond the Earth plane (what you now refer to as Aliens):
  3. Balance in the use of resources as provided by Gaia – use of such resources not exceeding the capability of Gaia to replenish herself;
  4. Balance in the levels of development and growth among cultures and soul agendas;
  5. Balance in the levels of respect for youth and age; rich and poor; manual labor and thinking labor; in teachers and those taught;
  6. Balance and flow in energy and magnetism, creating a flourishing of the flora and fauna on the land and in the oceans of the Earth plane;
  7. And finally, a Balance of emotions – happy and sad; love and un-love; excitement and dread; enthusiasm and regret.

These are some of the intended outcomes of the frequency transition.  The achievement of these outcomes will most likely create some of the greatest challenges for the current humans living on the Earth plane. 

So, the intended outcome is not a utopia nor a nirvana…rather it is a living in balance, awareness and understanding…a living far from what you are experiencing at this moment.

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