Achieving this Outcome

We, the Mountains of the World, imagine that you are beginning to understand the depth and breadth of this change; why a New Senior Team was required; perhaps even how you as a Hybrid or Luman being will have a significant role to play in achieving this outcome.

We think it is wonderful you are beginning to imagine the shifts necessary.  That said, We want to remind you that your imagining is coming from your current perspectives…the perspectives you as a soul have developed over many iterations. 

What We are here to challenge you to is a significant shift of perspective…so significant that you begin to live your current life with this shift of perspective in the forefront of your thinking, acting, being and doing. 

To accomplish this, We are told it is best to provide those of you who are awake and aware with a glimpse of the primary perspectives we have outlined in an earlier communication.  With this as your starting (or rather ending point) and with further discussion, you will be able to begin your perspective shift process.

As you engage these shifts of perspective, We encourage you:

  • Be understanding of the depth of your old perspectives and honoring of how they have supported your soul evolution…We will be;
  • Be delighted at even the most basic of new understandings…celebrate the little shifts…We will be;
  • Be cognizant of taking one shift in perspective at a time…We will be;
  • And finally,
  • Be patient with yourself…We will be!

And the ‘We’ We are speaking of is a combination of The Divine/The All; the New Senior Team; The remaining Illuminated Luman Teams; and Us, the Mountains of the World.

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