Connecting to The Earth Plane

Balance and clarity are critical at this time in the Earth evolution…in human evolution.

We, the Mountains of the World, watch as you become more and more aware and awake.  We congratulate you.

We have also noticed your tendency to want to detach from the Earth plane…to shift your connection from one of Earth focus to one of Cosmic focus.  It is only natural.  The Earth plane has a lot to offer Humans and less to offer Hybrids. 

That said, your ability to retain balance on the Earth plane and clarity of your role and therefore how best to utilize your Hybrid skills and talents.  Using your skills and talents to connect rather than disconnect will have the intended results – the results of bringing an increase in frequency and awareness to the Earth plane and all those on the Earth plane…whether Human, Hybrid or Luman.

As a Hybrid, you now have options you did not have when you were not yet aware and awake.

Your options include more than one locale with which to align…the Earth plane and the Cosmic plane.

We highly recommend you balance your alignments; understand the value to you and to The All of retaining a connection to the Earth plane; and the impact of properly utilizing the skills and talents you have as a Hybrid.

Align; Balance; Practice; Recognize….

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