Connecting to Your Hybrid Agenda

In addition to staying grounded and connected to the Earth plane, it is Our recommendations you each begin to understand your Hybrid agenda as it relates to this time of frequency shift.

We, the Mountains of the World, wish to share with you Our reality of Your abilities…

  • As a Soul, a very evolved and insightful soul, you choose to continue your Luman Soul development during this, your current iteration on the Earth plane.
  • Further, as a Soul, you knew the (at a cosmic conscious level…not an Earth action level), the elements involved in this time of transition on the Earth plane.  At the cosmic conscious level, the types of things that were known were the process of transition…not necessarily all of the bumps and jolts that would be encountered during the transition process. 
  • You, as a Soul, understood there were different Hybrid agendas based upon the physical human age you were when the most significant times of transition occurred.
  • And, as a Soul, you not only accepted the ‘age range’ Hybrid agenda…you selected it!

Times of cosmic, frequency transition on any plane of evolution are few and far between.  You know this for you are an old soul.  The opportunity to engage in a transition of this type as a Hybrid was and is, from your Soul perspective, amazing!

We encourage you to connect with the amazing self you are as a Hybrid Soul and prepare to understand this unique Earth time sensitive aspect. 

In summary…and before We move further…

  • You are evolved;
  • You selected the Earth plane at this time of transition;
  • You decided to come to this iteration as a Hybrid Soul…a Soul with Luman DNA;
  • And You decided when to incarnate to align to a unique Hybrid transition agenda.
  • You…You…You…Amazing You!

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