The Elder Hybrid Agenda

We, the Mountains of the World, honor those of you who came in, in whatever manner you chose, to be an elder on the Earth plane at this time.  Being an elder, especially at a time when most earth-based cultures do not revere the elder, is not an easy task.  Especially as you have the further challenge of sharing a knowing that is not consciously recognized by most humans.

As an Elder on the Earth plane (as defined by having sixty or more Earth years of age), your Hybrid transition agenda is a ‘wisdom generator’ agenda.  Being a wisdom generator at this time in the transition means you are sharing wisdom which We (and all Souls) have known for millennium and which has been forgotten on the Earth plane.

What does this agenda include?

  • A wisdom generator is a communicator of ancient wisdom. This ancient wisdom has been forgotten by most Humans and many Hybrids.  It will sound foreign and may even be referred to as ‘bizarre’.
    • Due to this, a wisdom generator is a communicator of Hybrid wisdom in a form and with references within the wisdom to allow Hybrids of all levels and some high functioning Humans to align to the wisdom. 
    • Therefore, as a wisdom generator, each of you will communicate in a variety of ways, all intended to bring to light the Hybrid wisdom.  Story telling is one of the favored styles; communicating through elementals and Us is another favored style. Each of you will have your own style and arena of wisdom.
    • This shift of wisdom creates a unique frequency of thought and therefore supports the frequency shift.

Consider what you know and have discounted because it did not fit the norms of the time and place in which your physical being lives. 

Now, recognize the wisdom of that which you have discounted and consider how you might share that wisdom so it can be heard and understood.

As an elder on the Earth plane, you are a Wisdom Generator!

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