The Middle Adult Hybrid Agenda

We, the Mountains of the World, are delighted so many of you have chosen to be engaged in the middle adult Hybrid agenda.  This agenda, one of action creation, is intense and invigorating…as least as We perceive it.  Each of you will live this agenda in your own manner and with the energies provided you by both Gaia and the Cosmos.

As a Middle Adult (or middle age) on the Earth plane (as defined by having more than forty earth years and fewer than sixty earth years) your Hybrid transition agenda is an ‘action creator’ agenda.   When a Hybrid with an Elder agenda, communicates Hybrid wisdom, you become the action center for that wisdom…you create an engagement with that wisdom.  It is valuable to hear the wisdom of the ages.  All begins with the wisdom.  However, without the action to put that wisdom into living, there is little integration and the wisdom is lost. 

What actions does an ‘action creator’ create?

  • An action creator is one who creates action and impact based upon Hybrid wisdom imparted by the elders.  The specific creation is based upon their unique interpretation of the Hybrid wisdom from the Wisdom Generators.
    •  An action creator also has their own Hybrid wisdom which may cause them to create additional actions and integrations of the ancient wisdom.
    • An action creator can and does create action on both the physical Earth plane and on the cosmic energy plane.
    • An action creator utilizes their own unique manner of creating, sometimes subtle and other times direct; sometimes through art and other times through movement; sometimes through influence and other times through direction.

What have you thought of creating…what actions have you considered taking…and have stopped yourself because they were not in alignment with the current social norms?  These are the creations/actions We ask you to reconsider.  We ask you to create in a manner that is not ‘normal’ and yet not so far from the norm that they would put you in any sort of jeopardy.

We ask you to become action oriented and creation oriented.  Allowing yourself to step into this orientation will naturally align yourself with yourself…and with the powerful Hybrid you are.

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