The Young Adult Hybrid Agenda

We, the Mountains of the World, are amazed so many of you have chosen to be engaged in the young adult Hybrid agenda.  This agenda, one of awakening and mentoring, can only be taken on by the most hearty and patient of Souls.  As with the other agendas, each of you will live this agenda in your own manner and with the energies provided you by both Gaia and the Cosmos.

As a young adult age on the Earth plane (as defined by having more than twenty earth years and fewer than forty earth years) your Hybrid transition agenda is a ‘generator and awakener’ agenda.  Your agenda is comprised of understanding the wisdom as communicated by the Elders; aligning with the actions presented by the Middle Adults that best align to your frequency and situation; and raising and mentoring the younger Souls (earth age only) to these knowings and actions.  It is You who bring the next generation of Souls on the Earth plane to the Hybrid knowing.  For this reason, you must be the most hearty!

  • An awakener and mentor agenda is focused on raising and revealing the Hybrid beings who will be ready once this transition is in its next stages…once these rather bumpy, significant stages are past.
    • An awakener and mentor is responsible for awakening and enlightening the next generations of Hybrids.
    • An awakener and mentor gently and consistently instills the Hybrid knowing to these coming generations.

We ask you to open to the wisdom being shared; notice the creation and actions provided to integrate this wisdom; and begin to awaken and mentor the next group of Hybrids joining the Earth plane.

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