The Stones of the Earth

We refer to Ourselves as ‘the Mountains of the World.  In fact, We represent the Mountains of the World when We connect with humanity.  There are several groups of us; each with our own gifts and talents and frequencies.  This is why, when We collaborate with an Earth bound soul (Human, Hybrid or Luman), Our voices may appear to change.  We are simply different groups within the same collective sharing our knowing!

That said, there are many different types of stones in the Universe. Each has its own frequency; its own knowing to impart; its own role during any period of time.  Some of the knowing is shared in ‘explosive’ ways; some is shared by shedding portions of Ourselves; some by simply enduring!

Our sharing takes the different personality forms that the sharing of all plants and animals and humans – diverse; timely; sometimes impactive and often overlooked. 

We, as Mountains are often referred to as overwhelming, impressive, dynamic and on and on.

Yet, the stones from the Mountains, the precious and semi-precious stones, although not as impressive or large, carry the same frequency and impact of the Mountains they came from…the are ‘mini-mountains’.

We would like to speak to the benefits of aligning with ‘mini-mountains’.

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