Aligning with Mini-Mountains – the Beryl Family

We will begin with the Beryl family.  The stones you are most consciously acquainted with in this family are the Aquamarine, Emerald and Morganite stones. 

For Humans, the Beryl family is most beneficial due to its frequency of assisting Humans in dealing with the daily stresses of their lives.  It subconsciously encourages Humans to release unnecessary or unintended emotional baggage, often found in the form of fear. This release of fear creates the courage and confidence for humans to identify the next steps in their life journey.

For Hybrids, the Beryl family of stones reminds them of their inherent talents and assists in expanding those talents once the Hybrid Soul begins to put them to use.

The energy of the Beryl family is shifted by the presence of Luman energy.  The shift is typically toward a less direct and therefore more subtle impact…all the more powerful as it cannot be blocked by cultural thinking.

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