Aligning with Mini-Mountains – the Chrysoberyl Family

The Chrysoberylfamily is a lesser known family. Although not discovered on the Earth plane until the late 18th century, it has become an important and valuable family for humanity.  The most well known of this family is Alexandrite and Cats Eye. 

For Humans, the Chrysoberyl family is creates permanence in the energy healing process.  For this reason, it is often used in conjunction with other stones…they focus on the specific healing and the Chrysoberyl stone focuses on creating the permanence.  As with all stones, it has other impact for Humans.  This is the most powerful.

For Hybrids, the Chrysoberyl family is particularly powerful in expanding their intuition and enhancing their specific Hybrid talents.  When appropriate, Chrysoberyl can also enhance a Hybrid’s personal and Soul magnetism.

The energy of the Chrysoberyl family is realigned by the presence of Luman energy.  The ability to expand intuition and enhance Hybrid talents is realigned to that of connecting to the power of the Universe, a very disconcerting and joyful connection.

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