Aligning with Mini-Mountains – the Corundum Family

Although the Corundum family is not considered rare., two of the crystalline forms within the family are popular and relatively rare.  They are the Sapphire and Ruby. Although most humans simply believe these to be beautiful stones, especially when set for jewelry, the Sapphire and Ruby are also immensely powerful stones, even for humans.

For Humans, stones within the Corundum family promote seeing into the unknown and are very capable of multiplying a human’s normal intuitive awareness.  Asleep humans, in the presence of Corundum stones can become like soothsayers and speak in tongues…never to do so again until in the presence of such stones.

For Hybrids, especially Elders, this stone expands the wisdom beyond the areas of Soul consciousness.  This can be a bit disconcerting when the Elder is committed to staying on the Earth plane in an incognito role.  Such wisdom is exceedingly difficult to deny and therefore hide.  Corundum stones have the same impact on Adult and Young Hybrids and, because their agenda is different, does not have the potential risk associated with that contact.

When a Luman further activates a Corundum stone, especially a Sapphire or Ruby, the stone becomes the stone of enlightenment.  Within this enlightenment is not only the expansion of wisdom, there is also a rejuvenation and realignment leaving the Hybrid in perfect attunement to The All/The Divine. Although often spoken of and seemingly desired, this perfect attunement is most challenging when the Soul is expected to stay and complete an agenda on the Earth plane.

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