Alignment with Mini-Mountains – the Feldspar family

The Feldspar family is the most abundant mineral on the Earth plane, making up nearly 60% of the earth’s crust.  This family is distinguished by composition and all are comprised of aluminum and silicate ions.  The most known members of the Feldspar family are Amazonite; Labradorite; Moonstone; and Sunstone.

Feldspar is usually considered to be a lunar stone that inspires and encourages the development of clairvoyance and clairaudience (the ability to see and hear energy and spirits).  It is this lunar alignment which creates the greatest impact on Humans.  It is this unconscious (lunar) inspiration and encouragement that creates in humans the sense of new beginnings and supports change, especially during full or new moon times. 

Hybrids are affected very differently by Feldspar.  Being in its presence can actually create an unbalancing of the natural rhythm of the Hybrid Soul.  This unbalancing occurs due to the lunar pull on the Hybrid rhythm, a pull that creates dis-ease and an unbalanced rhythm in the Soul’s essence.  Do not assume that this is necessarily negative. Instead, note when you, a Hybrid, are drawn to any of the Feldspar family of stones.  This indicates a desire for shifting to a different frequency/paradigm/timeline. 

The Luman impact on Felspar is negligible.  This is due to the honoring of the lunar energies and flow.  Most often Lumen will seek out Feldspar for their own calming and alignment.  For, although not aligned to the moon, Lumen are calmed and refreshed when in the presence of lunar energies. 

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